Chewing Problems & Taking A Child To An Orthodontist

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If you are beginning to notice that your young child doesn't chew food in a normal manner, it may be due to something being wrong with their teeth. They can have a dental condition that you have overlooked due to not having the skills and knowledge of a dentist. For instance, the reason for your child chewing in abnormal manner might be due to their front or bottom teeth protruding in an unnatural manner that is in need of attention Teeth that have grown in crooked can also interfere with the ability to chew food properly. Take a look at the content below to learn why it is time to take your child to an orthodontist to find out why they chew food in an unnatural manner and how to treat the condition.

Examining Jaw Alignment

Jaw alignment plays a major role in the ability to properly chew food, and an orthodontist can examine your child's jaw to detect any issues. Basically, several services will be performed during the examination to diagnose your child with a condition, including an x-ray. An x-ray will not only show if your child's jaws are misaligned, but also what may be causing it to happen. An orthodontist can also tell if jaw alignment is a problem based on looking at your child's teeth. They may have under or overbite that causes the upper and lower set of teeth to not be properly lined up.

Fixing Excessively Crooked Teeth

When teeth are excessively crooked, chewing food can be a difficult task for a young child. Depending on the specific age of your child, an orthodontist might suggest that the crooked teeth are extracted. For instance, if your child has not yet grown their adult teeth, extracting the crooked teeth is ideal because new ones will eventually grow anyway. There is basically no use in spending money on correcting a young child's crooked teeth using other methods when they will eventually fall out anyway. Your child will receive anesthesia to make the extraction process as comfortable as possible.

The Placement of Metal Braces

For teeth that are not crooked to an excessive extent, metal braces might be the best solution to straightening them up. Placement of the braces will involve the installation of brackets and metal wires. The wires will play an important role in straightening the teeth by creating pressure. Keep in mind that the wires will have to be adjusted by an orthodontist on occasion in order to keep working to create pressure.


22 October 2019

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