How Much? Ways You Can Save Money On Your Child's Braces

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When you learn your child needs braces to correct his or her teeth alignment or bite, your first reaction is likely to wonder how much it will cost. Braces may seem like a luxury, but they are a medical need in many cases. Braces are used to straighten the teeth, but they are also used to relieve pain from an incorrectly aligned jaw. Paying for braces may be difficult, but there are some options to consider to help you save. The following are some things you should look into:

Call Your Medical Insurance Provider

If you have regular medical insurance, call your provider to see if they will provide partial coverage toward the braces. While dental insurance does not typically cover a large portion of braces expenses, you may be able to have some of the costs covered if the braces are a medical necessity.

Look into Government Assistance

If you have a low income but you have a child who needs braces, you may qualify for government assistance to help you pay for them. The coverage is typically offered by Medicaid, but there may be some additional assistance specific to your area. You will need to visit the local social services office in your town to see what is available and if you qualify.

To qualify for these programs, you need to prove that your child's braces are needed to remedy a medical problem.

See About a Payment Plan

Orthodontists know that braces are expensive. That is why many practices will offer payment plans to patients. You will likely be required to put down a deposit, then make equal payments over a given time. Some offices may offer a credit plan you can use if you qualify for it.

Go to a Dental College

You may also be able to get your child's braces from a dental college. If you live near a dental school, you can call and ask if there are low-cost orthodontic services for braces. You will still have to pay for the braces, but it can be less expensive. Some parents may find this option unappealing since the work is done primarily by students. However, the students are closely supervised by licensed orthodontists and will ensure the braces are placed correctly. You may have to have follow-up care done by your local orthodontist if the school does not offer those services

For more information, call an orthodontist near you.


16 December 2019

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