Do You Need Dental Help Right Away?

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Some dental emergencies won't wait for your next appointment. To learn about a few common mishaps and how to cope with them, read on.

Gum Infections

A pocket of pus on your gums probably indicates an abscess. Abscesses form because of an invasion of bacteria. There are millions of bacteria in the mouth area, but they are mostly harmless unless they find an opening, come in, and stay. Then, the body forms an abscess to wall the bacteria off and that is often the first sign of a problem. These gum infections may be painful and you may be able to see the pus pocket but not always. This is a dental emergency because an infection like that can travel to other parts of your body and can generally make you feel sick all over. Your dentist will clean out the abscess, prescribe antibiotics, and determine what led to the infection in the first place.

Broken Teeth 

Whether you were hit with an object or crunched down on something too hard, the strongest teeth can crack, chip, and break occasionally. The goal after such an accident is to preserve what is left of the tooth so call your dentist right away. While you wait to see the dentist, stick to soft foods and brush very gently. Using mouthwash can help keep bacteria at bay. If the break is too severe, a cap or crown may be needed. You may be fitted with a temporary crown while the permanent one is created. If it's only a hairline crack, your dentist may want to watch it carefully for a bit before taking action.

Bleeding Gums 

Most people notice bleeding gums when they brush and that should never be ignored. However, it might not necessarily be a dental emergency. Bleeding is usually indicative of gum disease in some form, and it can have serious ramifications for both your dental health and your health in general. Make an appointment and get your gums evaluated right away.

Lost Teeth 

If you can find that lost tooth, your dentist may be able to put it back in again. In the meantime, put the tooth in some milk or warm water. Don't worry about cleaning it, and never remove the gum tissue that might be still attached. If you can, wash it gently and place it back in your mouth (don't do this for children, the elderly, or the disabled, however). Fast action can save your tooth so phone the dentist right away.

When in doubt, call for emergency dental services to be seen right away.


13 October 2021

All About Full and Partial Dentures

My name is Cicely Davenport and if you need to get dentures, but you have questions about them, I invite you to read my blog to learn the answers. I too needed to get dentures but I wanted to find out everything I could about them before I committed. I read all about full dentures and partial dentures, and the difference between each of the two kinds. I went ahead and got a full set of dentures and I really like how they look and feel. I want to help others who are also thinking about dentures and you can learn a lot about them when you read my blog.