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There are many different dental procedures that patients are likely to need during the course of their lives. For individuals who have suffered significant tooth issues, there are many different procedures that can be used. In particular, root canals can be an important treatment tool for restoring and saving a tooth that has become infected.

What Are The Signs That You Will Need To Undergo A Root Canal?

Root canals can be highly specialized treatments, and individuals may not fully appreciate the warning signs that they may qualify to undergo this procedure. For example, a person who has an infected tooth may experience substantial swelling, intense discomfort, and even visible changes in the color of the tooth. If the root canal procedure is not promptly completed, these issues can rapidly worsen and spread to other areas of the mouth.  

Will Root Canal Procedures Result In Major Cosmetic Issues?

As part of the root canal procedure, a crown will be placed over the tooth. This is needed as the root canal procedure can leave the tooth weaker. Luckily, the crown that is applied will be carefully matched to the rest of your teeth. This can ensure that the crown will be difficult for other people to notice, even when it is applied to a front tooth or other cosmetically important teeth. For patients that need to use temporary crowns until the primary crown is ready, it may be slightly more noticeable as the temporary crown will not be as closely matched, but most people will only need to use the temporary crown for a few days before their permanent crown is ready to be placed. If you are especially concerned about this issue, there are dental clinics that can provide same-day crowns, which can avoid the need to use a temporary crown.

Are The Effects Of A Root Canal Procedure Permanent?

A root canal is a sizable procedure to undergo. Not surprisingly, this can lead to individuals being worried about the need to potentially undergo this procedure again in the future. In most cases, it is extremely unlikely that a person will need to undergo another root canal on the same tooth. This is due to the fact that a root canal will involve the removal of the tissue from the tooth's interior, and this will drastically reduce the likelihood of an infection developing. However, it can be possible for individuals to need additional root canals on the other teeth in their mouths.

For more information, reach out to a local dental clinic to learn more about root canal treatment options.


25 July 2022

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