Are Floss Picks Better Than Traditional Floss?

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Floss picks are a relatively new way to floss your teeth. Using a pre-strung pick is a little different that flossing traditionally. These tools have a tooth pick on one end and a length of floss stretched between a U-shaped piece of plastic on the other end. Floss picks are safe to use in general, but there are a few distinct reasons why you may not want to choose them over a traditional length of waxed dental floss.

23 February 2018

5 Reasons You Need Your Routine Dental Cleanings

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Routine dental cleanings should be scheduled twice annually – usually every six months. Some people do not understand why they are so important, so let's look at five reasons why you need these routine cleanings. Reason #1: Prevent Cavities Have you noticed that there is a white-colored film that is beginning to build up on some of your teeth? If so, this is known as plaque, which causes tooth decay and will eat away at your tooth enamel.

22 January 2018