3 Non-Aesthetic Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

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When you think of cosmetic dentistry, thoughts of laser teeth whitening, porcelain fillings, dentures, and veneers fill your mind. Although these devices are all commonly used in the field of cosmetic dentistry, they provide far more than just aesthetic improvement. In addition to making your mouth and smile look appealing, cosmetic dentistry can also provide these benefits:

Painless Chewing

Worn or missing enamel, exposed nerves, and rough teeth will prevent you from being able to consume certain foods or drinks without experiencing pain. For this reason, you've had to change your diet to accommodate your poor oral health. By using veneers and dentures, or by receiving fillings, you can eliminate your sensitivity to certain foods and drinks.

In addition to relieving the pain you've always experience while eating, these devices will make it easier to chew and break down your food—which will allow you to easily receive the nutrients you need to improve your overall health.

However, just because you'll be able to eat anything you want doesn't mean that you should. Dentures, veneers, and fillings are susceptible to wearing out or staining if you don't maintain them. Avoiding dark, acidic sodas, tobacco, and large amounts of coffee will help you keep your devices clean.

Clean Breath

Contrary to popular belief, bad breath isn't only caused by what you eat. Halitosis and other odorous oral issues are most commonly caused by bacteria growth throughout your mouth. Luckily, if bad breath has always plagued your social interactions, cosmetic dentistry can help you.

Bacteria that causes bad breath is commonly found under your gums, in your tonsils, and on your tongue. A cosmetic dentist will be able to educate you on proper oral care to eliminate or relieve your bad breath. Additionally, frequent oral cleanings will prevent bacteria growth in your mouth from getting out of hand.

However, in addition to frequent cleanings, you'll also need to adopt new oral care practices to eliminate or reduce your bad breath. Depending on the condition of your oral health, your dentist may even prescribe antibacterial or antimicrobial medicine that will help you win your fight against the odor-producing bacteria in your mouth.

Self Confidence

Worn teeth, swollen gums, tartar buildup, and other oral issues can significantly affect the way you interact with your friends, family, and coworkers. Due to their unsightly appearance, these oral issues are likely to make you feel uncomfortable about talking, laughing, or smiling while in public—and whether or not you're insecure about your oral health, holding back smiles or laughter will make you appear uptight during social interactions.

Although you may initially feel embarrassed about using dentures, veneers, or fillings, the benefits of these types of cosmetic dentistry far outweigh their cons. The aesthetic quality of these oral devices has improved significantly over the past few decades—which means the people with whom you interact are not likely to notice them during conversation.

By using various cosmetic devices to improve your oral health, you can once again feel free to be confident while laughing, talking, or smiling during social interactions. This confidence will allow you to embrace social opportunities rather than shy away from them.

Where Do I Begin?

Your first step towards achieving these three benefits (along with aesthetic improvement) is to find a local cosmetic dentist with whom you feel comfortable. If you have dental insurance, then the best place to start searching for a cosmetic dentist is your insurance provider's contact list. Once you've found a dentist that's ideal for your needs, schedule a consultation right away to get started on your path to a healthier and happier life. If needed, don't hesitate to continue your online research and read more to get a clear idea of how cosmetic dentistry can help you.


11 November 2014

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