7 Advantages Of Choosing Mini Dental Implants

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Dental technology is changing so quickly these days that it's difficult for the average person to keep current on new procedures and techniques -- and this can prevent people from seeking the care that they need. For instance, many people still think of implants as something that requires surgery, time, and a significant amount of pain. Fortunately, that is no longer the case now that mini implants provide a viable implant alternative to their larger counterparts. Following are seven advantages that mini implants have over traditional dental implants.

The Procedure is Less Invasive

Conventional implants require flap surgery as well as bone grafts.  Most patients need to take prescription pain killers for several days after this procedure as well as eat a specialized diet consisting of soft foods. The gums will generally continue to bleed for at least three days after flap surgery. Because mini implants are significantly smaller, they can be placed in the mouth without flap surgery. Healthy bone tissue is used rather than bone grafts in most cases.

The Procedure Takes Less Time

The typical mini implant procedure can easily be completed within a couple of hours in your dentist's office. The process of installing traditional implants can take months, with patients often having to follow special diets and wear temporary teeth for a period of time.

The Recovery Process Takes Less Time

Most patients are able to quickly recover from having mini implants installed without the use of prescription pain killers. Many people are able to go back to work with no problem after the procedure has been performed and are able to dispel any oral discomfort with over-the-counter pain medication. The majority of patients can resume normal eating habits within two or three hours after the procedure.

There Are Fewer Complications

Because the procedure is non invasive, it involves less disturbance to gum tissue and bones, reducing chances of infection or other conditions developing as a result. Mini implant failures are also extremely rare, and they are far more comfortable than standard dentures

They Prevent Facial Collapse

The bone loss that is a natural part of aging can cause facial collapse is the jawbone shrinks in size, causing at least partial facial collapse. Mini implants prevent this because they are fixed in the jawbone the same way that tooth roots are.

They Fit Some parts of the Mouth Better

Mini implants are thin enough to fit in parts of the mouth that traditional implants are too large for. For instance, if you've got a small gap in your mouth where a tooth is missing, a mini implant may be the best solution. They are also shorter than their traditional counterparts, which makes them particularly useful for those who have experienced bone shrinkage in their jaws -- their smaller, shorter size means that their installation requires less bone.

They are More Affordable

Because the procedure is less invasive and complex, it's also less expensive than traditional dental implants. The implants themselves are also cheaper for the dentist to purchase, the installation time is minimal, and the patient doesn't have to pay for prescription drugs to ease the pain. If the patient is employed, he or she may also benefit financially from having mini implants installed because the procedure won't involved very much time off work.

Whether to have mini implants placed in your mouth or go the traditional route is something that should be discussed in depth with your dentist. He or she can evaluate your personal situation and help you come to an implant decision that best suits your individual needs and preferences. For more information, contact a local dental clinic, like Darryl A. Field, DDS, PA Periodontics & Implant Dentistry.


29 January 2015

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