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If you are an adult with crooked teeth, then your cosmetic dentist may suggest the use of clear aligners for dental straightening. Clear braces are more aesthetically pleasing than metal ones, and you will have the opportunity to remove the aligners when you eat and drink. Some people have difficulty releasing the aligners from the teeth though, when they are first utilized. This can be problematic if you want to enjoy a quick snack in the middle of the day. If you want a few tips and tricks to release the aligners more easily, then keep reading.

Warm Up Your Mouth

People who use clear aligners will often sip on cold water throughout the day, because water is the only beverage you can drink without removing the braces from your mouth. The braces prevent saliva from rinsing the debris away from the teeth, and this leaves them susceptible to decay if you consume sugary drinks. When you drink water or suck on ice chips, then the cold temperatures allow the thermoplastic aligners to constrict and harden slightly. This makes them difficult to remove.

If you need to release the clear braces from your mouth, stop drinking cold water for about 30 minutes. Instead, sip on a glass of warm water for 10 or 15 minutes. Just make sure the water is not hot, because heat can warp the plastic aligners and replacements may then be needed. Once the warm water expands the aligners a small amount, use your fingers to gently pull them from your teeth.

Use Surgical Gloves

Clear braces are extremely thin and perfectly clear, and this helps to make them look and feel invisible when secured in the mouth. The sides of the braces are less than one millimeter in diameter, and they can be hard to see and feel when you want to remove them from the mouth. Some people find it easier to grip the sides of the braces instead of the edges, but saliva can make the plastic aligners slippery. One good way to reduce slip and increase grip is to wear surgical or exam gloves.

Purchase a box of low cost vinyl exam gloves to help with aligner removal. Make sure the gloves are powder free so that cornstarch does not enter the mouth when you wear them. Place the gloves on your hands and open your mouth wide for about one minute. This will allow your mouth to dry out a small amount. Afterwards, grip the sides of the aligners and gently pry them loose.

Change Aligners at Night

Clear aligners move your teeth between .25 and .33 millimeters every time a new set is secured in your mouth. Slight changes in the aligners force the teeth to move, and you will be asked to wear the braces for four to six weeks at a time. Many people choose to change their aligners the morning after their check up appointments. Unfortunately, new aligners are extremely difficult to remove for several hours. The teeth are forced to shift into their new position and the aligners stick in place until the dental ligaments loosen around the teeth.

You can keep your aligners from sticking in place when they are changed by wearing the new ones at night. Your cosmetic dentist will ask you to wear your braces all evening, and this will give your teeth eight or more hours to adjust to the movement changes. Exchanging the braces in the evening will also help to reduce the discomfort associated with the change.

Clear aligners are a good choice if you want straight teeth. You may find it difficult to remove the braces at first though. Follow the tips in this article to reduce your struggle. For more information, talk to your dentist.


17 March 2015

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