Understanding The Problem Of Dull Veneers

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If you have always had small, jagged, and stained teeth, then you may want to invest in dental veneers to enhance tooth appearance. The most natural looking veneers are made out of porcelain. If you do invest in porcelain veneers, then you should know that they can cost as much as $2,500 per tooth. Thankfully, they typically last between 10 and 15 years. Unfortunately, the veneers can lose their shine or luster over time. If you notice this happening, then you can have the shine returned. Keep reading to understand why it becomes destroyed in the first place and how it can be returned. 

How Do Veneers Become Dull?

Dental veneers can be made out of several different types of porcelain. These include feldspathic porcelain and pressed ceramic. Feldspathic porcelain is created in layers with the assistance of a metal foil base. Brushes are dampened and dipped into a feldspar powder, and the powder creates a layer of porcelain. The added material is baked so it hardens. Multiple layers are added to create the thin veneer. When pressed ceramic veneers are formed, a liquid lucite compound is forced into a wax mold of the tooth. The liquid is kept under pressure as it is heated, and the veneer is formed. Once the veneers are created, they form a tooth covering that is between about .3 and .6 millimeters thick

While porcelain dental veneers can be made out of different base materials, they retain the same shiny surface. This surface is similar to a piece of glass, since the feldspar and lucite minerals are crystalline in their structure, just like glass. The minerals can be scraped or scratched like glass as well, and this can leave behind a rough texture. 

There are many things that can cause the veneers to appear dull. Hard foods can wear the porcelain down over time, and so can extremely abrasive toothpastes. This is typical if the veneers are close to their 10 to 15 year lifespan. Also, dental cleanings can create texture across the veneers, and this is common if you do not tell your dental hygienist that you have veneers. The professional may then use relatively coarse polishing compounds. These materials will abrade porcelain, but not dental enamel. This means they are often used unless you speak up about having dental prosthetics like veneers.

How Can A Dentist Make Them Shiny?

If you have made the mistake of having your teeth cleaned with a traditional polishing paste or if you have worn your veneers down over time, then the shiny appearance can be restored. A cosmetic dentist can complete the restoration for you, and this is done with porcelain polishing pastes and special buffing brushes. These pastes are typically fine or extremely fine pastes that contain diamonds to smooth the surface of the porcelain.

While porcelain pastes remove only a small portion of the veneer during polishing, you should have your veneers inspected before the treatment. Sometimes polishing cannot be completed if the veneers are already too thin. Veneer replacement may be required instead. If thin veneers are not replaced, then they can crack and possibly damage the tooth underneath.

If your teeth can be polished, then make sure to use non-abrasive toothpastes and soft-bristled toothbrushes in the future. Also, stay away from whitening products, because they typically have abrasive materials that can scratch the teeth. You also should let dental professionals know that you have veneers so aggressive cleaning is not completed.

Dental veneers can last some time, but they sometimes need to be polished. If your veneers currently look dull, then speak with a cosmetic dentist to learn about what can be done to restore your teeth to their previous shiny condition. 


3 January 2017

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