Healthy Healing Tips For The Weeks After Your Dental Implant Installation Procedure

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The weeks leading up to your dental implant procedure can be a stressful time. Thankfully, you can rest assured that your mouth will heal and you will soon be able to enjoy living free of dental pain or missing teeth.

If you want to maximize your ability to heal from your dental implant surgery and avoid complications, follow these healthy healing tips in the weeks following your procedure:

Tip: Stay Away from Vices While You Are Healing

It is very important that you avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages in the weeks before and after your dental implant procedure. Smoking restricts your blood flow and makes it harder for your gum tissues to heal. And, drinking alcohol promotes systemic inflammation that can also make it harder for your gums to heal after surgery. To avoid these unnecessary complications, stop smoking and drinking before and after your surgery while you heal.

Tip: Inspect Your Dental Implants Each Time You Brush Your Teeth

While your dental implants are new, it is very important that you inspect them each time you brush your teeth. You should look for any discoloration or inflammation along your gum line. If you cannot see the area where your implants are installed, purchase an inexpensive dental inspection mirror at your local pharmacy.

Tip: Avoid Excessive Pressure on Your Dental Implant While Healing

When you chew on food in the weeks following your dental implant's installation, make sure that you do so on the side of your mouth opposite of the side where your implant is located. Chewing on your new implant will make your recovery take longer. Additionally, if you chew on foods that are very hard and put excessive pressure on the newly installed dental implant, then you will have pain, bleeding, and may need to visit your dentist to ensure that no permanent damage was done. 

If you had multiple implants installed at one time and they are on both sides of your mouth, then you should avoid eating any hard or crunchy foods for the first few weeks after their installation. 

Tip: Don't Skip Your Follow-Up Appointments

In conclusion, it is very important that you do not skip your post-operative appointments with your dentist, someone like Samuel D Knight, DDS. The dentist needs to check your dental implants to make sure that they are healing correctly. Skipping these simple appointments can prevent your dentist from finding small problems that can otherwise turn into larger problems.


23 March 2017

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