Need A White Smile? See A Dentist First

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If you have been using over the counter products to try to get your teeth white, but the products are failing you and you haven't gotten the results that you want, it's time to seek a dentist to see what can be done. If the products you purchase at your local drug stores aren't high quality, they could be doing more damage to your teeth than good, and they could be causing you oral health concerns. Here are a few of the reasons you want to consult with a teeth whitening professional to talk about your whitening goals.

Enamel Check

Have the dentist check the enamel of your teeth. If the enamel is eroded, this may be why you have a lot of discoloration and staining, and it may be difficult for your teeth to hold their white coloring. The dentist can check the enamel and even apply a protective coating to your teeth to act as enamel. This not only helps to keep the teeth white, but it also helps to protect the teeth from cavities.

Oral Cancer Screening

When you overuse products with alcohol over time, you can increase your chances of developing oral cancer. If you have been using a lot of whitening products that contain bleach and alcohol, you want to have your oral health examined, and you want to be screened for oral cancer. The dentist can do this while they check your enamel and clean your teeth.

In Office Whitening Treatments

The treatments that you get in the office of a professional whitening service provider will be easy, painless, and you'll get the results that you're looking for. The professionals are going to use light technology to whiten the teeth, and you may be able to get your desired results in your first visit.

Cleaning the teeth before you have them whitened is important. If you are ready to change how your smile looks you'll want to get your teeth cleaned and then whitened, and you want to be sure that your enamel is protected so that the teeth aren't easily exposed to the staining.  When you have a white smile it looks like you take care of your oral health, and it gives a great first impression when you meet and converse with others. Find a local teeth whitening professional to get the reults that you want, so you can smile with confidence every day.


12 April 2017

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