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If you have broken one or more of your teeth then you will want to get help from your dentist quickly. The longer you put off having your injured tooth or teeth looked at, the more problems that can arise. Your tooth may break more, it may cut the inside of your mouth or a cavity can even make its way in the tooth since the inside of the tooth is exposed. You may feel more at ease about going to the dentist if you have a better idea of some of the different ways a broken tooth can be treated.

The dentist may repair the chip with a filling

If you have only chipped your tooth and it isn't one of your front teeth then the dentist may simply repair the chipped area with a filling. This is the same thing that the dentist would normally use in order to treat a cavity in one of your teeth. This is a very economical option, so you should really consider it if the dentist offers it to you.

The dentist may build the tooth up with bonding

The dentist may be able to build up the broken piece of tooth with a bonding material. If they decide to go this route then they will build the tooth up by hand using an array of hand held dental tools. The first thing they will do is to clean the tooth so the material will adhere correctly. Then, they will apply a glue to ensure the material sticks. They will then add material and use the tools to shape it so it looks as if the tooth was never damaged. The material will be the same color and shade of your tooth so the repair job won't be obvious. Once they are done they will buff the material to give it a shiny appearance and clean your teeth to remove any leftover bonding.

The dentist may put a crown on the tooth

If the break in your tooth is pretty severe or if it causes you pain or sensitivity then the dentist may want to put a crown on it. The crown will be made to fit over the tooth. The crown is made in a dental lab using a molding of your tooth that also has your other teeth on it so it will blend nicely with all of them. Once the ab sends it back the dentist will put it in place and no one will be able to tell that anything ever happened to your tooth at all when they look at you.

The dentist may put a veneer on the tooth

The dentist may want to put a veneer on the tooth. Veneers can be a bit more costly, but they are a strong way to replace your tooth with something that looks and feels just like your other teeth. A veneer will also generally be made at a dental lab using a mold of your mouth.


25 April 2017

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