Advantages Of Getting Dental Implants Before The Football Season Begins

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For many people, the arrival of autumn means that football is back and people love to celebrate in big ways. Football parties, live games, and bar specials often fill up a person's calendar during these months. If this is the case for you, then you want to be as prepared as possible to enjoy the upcoming season. If you have cracked, missing, or decayed teeth, then you may want to consider getting dental implants before football officially begins. There will be several benefits to getting the permanent implants. Not only will they help you during the football season, but they can last for the rest of your life.

Football Foods

The football season can typically be broken down into two categories: good games and good meals. So much of the season relies on eating great meals and snacks with friends while you watch. If you have damaged or missing teeth, it can be uncomfortable to eat chicken wings, steaks, nachos, and other football snacks. Getting dental implants installed can provide a lot of eating benefits. The implants are fused directly to your jaw, giving your teeth and mouth the strength to chew through hard items and enjoy them a lot easier. This also makes a big difference when you're attending a football party and don't have all of your own eating options. Large party platters like vegetables, pizza, and grinders, will be much easier to eat when you have a mouth full of healthy teeth. The implants will also make it easier to enjoy football snack foods like pretzels, chips, and nuts. The hard crunch will be easy to maintain with the strength of an implant.

Improved Speech

Watching football games in silence is typically not the norm for fans. Whether it's cheering on teams, criticizing players, or debating plays with other fans, football includes a lot of talking. If you have missing teeth, then you speech can be dramatically impacted. You may slur words, stutter, or have a slight lisp while you talk. Dental implants can help return your voice back to normal. Once all of the teeth are in place, it will be easy to adjust and cheer on your favorite team in the way you remember. Dentists are able to use scanning devices and x-rays to ensure that you are getting replacement teeth that are as close to your original teeth as possible. This will make the voice adjustment a lot easier. You can feel confident in cheering on your favorite team every single Saturday or Sunday.

Attending Live Games

Unless you have the luxury of watching a game at an indoor stadium, the football season can be bitterly cold. The cold not only impacts your body temperature, but it can also impact how your mouth feels. If you have missing teeth, then cold exposure can impact all of the teeth that are missing around it. When those edges are exposed to the cold, you may experience a lot of discomfort, taking away from your football game experience. Implants can help make a huge difference when attending live games. You have the ability to enjoy the game without getting tooth pain or discomfort due to the cold weather. This allows you to attend games throughout the whole season and not just during the first weeks when it may be a little warmer. The implant will be fitted so that it sits snugly with your teeth. Precision tools will be able to scan your mouth and determine the exact fit of the implant. Once the anchor is in, the crown will get attached and you will have your full smile back.

Getting implants can make a huge difference on the football season. Contact a dentist to find out more information on getting the process started.


1 September 2017

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