Foods That Help You Keep Your Mouth And Teeth Healthy

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While you may hear plenty of information about avoiding sugary soda, coffee, wine and sugar-laden food to protect your teeth, you might not hear much about what is good for your mouth. When you go to the dentist twice a year, and you pay attention to good oral hygiene each day, you can still improve your oral health with the food and drinks you consume. Plenty of water is important to keep your mouth hydrated, and fruits and vegetables will help keep your teeth and gums healthy. When you work hard to take good care of your oral health, understand what helps your mouth and teeth stay healthy.

Eat Crunchy Raw Vegetables 

Plenty of crunchy raw vegetables in your diet can do more than give you the nutrients and strength you need. When you eat vegetables that are crunchy, this helps clean your teeth. If you find yourself without time to brush your teeth, eating some raw vegetables can help remove buildup in your mouth. Broccoli, carrots, celery, and cauliflower are all great vegetables to eat when you are trying to take care of your oral health.

Get Your Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps promote circulation and can help prevent gum disease. You'll want to find foods that contain Vitamin C, such as citrus fruits or fortified cereals. While you can get Vitamin C from orange juice, too much orange juice can break down enamel on your teeth because of the acid. If your gums are puffy or they bleed when you brush your teeth, try some Vitamin C over a few months to see if this helps.

Watch What You Drink

If you are concerned about staining your teeth, too much wine or coffee can make your teeth discolored. Drink plenty of water to rinse your mouth throughout the day. If you prefer carbonated beverages, look at the wide variety of flavored seltzer available. Stay away from any drinks that contain sugar, as these will only coat your teeth. You can drink tea or coffee without sugar, but make sure you brush afterwards to avoid the staining that can occur.

When you want good oral health, brushing your teeth several times a day is a must. Floss during each brushing. Pay attention to what you eat, and avoid sugary, sticky foods. If you can, eat as many raw, crunchy vegetables to help clean your teeth in between each brushing.


22 January 2019

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